Tourism & Hospitality Translations

Travel is more affordable and accessible than it has ever been, which is making the world a much smaller place. Help your customers understand more about your brand and your international presence by speaking to them in their own language. Whether you are a theme park, hotel, bed and breakfast accommodation, travel agency, aviation company, resort or rental car company, appealing to tourists in their native tongue will increase your visibility. That can only have a positive effect on sales and your future growth.

Our experts have translated millions of words for tourism and hospitality companies all over the world. No matter your segment of the tourism or hospitality industry, GTS will deliver timely translations that will read as if a native writer wrote them.

What Tourism & Hospitality documents can be translated?

Website Localization

Let our stable of human translators with specialist knowledge localize your website to appeal to the target languages and cultures of your clients.

Digital Content and Media

To engage and connect with a global audience, apps, videos, and other digital content need to be translated accurately into native languages.

Backend Software

We’ll perform flawless native language translations of your backend software to eliminate confusion and allow your international developers to do their jobs.

Information Bulletins

Entrust your information bulletin translations to our native-speaking translators for clear and compelling messages that will reach the broadest possible audience.

Reservation Software & Online Booking Systems

Make sure tourists around the world can easily interact with your booking system by having it function in multiple languages.

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