Retail & E-commerce Translations

With the vast majority of customers preferring content in their language, it makes smart business sense to address consumers in their native tongue. Retailers with multilingual websites can easily connect with a global audience of customers to offer their products and services.

GTS works on a wide variety of assignments with retail clients: marketing campaigns, brochures, financial reports and of course, their online stores. Our certified translators possess in-depth retail and e-commerce industry knowledge and can handle text and documents for most major languages and language combinations.

We work with companies in all areas of retail, delivering high-quality, flawless translations in their desired languages with quick turnaround times. Let us help you reach your current and new customers no matter where they are in the world.

What Retail & E-commerce documents can be translated?


Your website is your shop window to the world, a vital component of your brand identity and an essential selling tool. GTS will ensure your message is clear and effective in multiple languages.

Marketing Campaigns

Marketing plays an essential role in introducing your brand as well as your products and services to new and existing markets. Our native language translators are marketing specialists who can help you craft powerful campaigns to engage local and global customers.

Brochures, Catalogs and Packaging

Would you buy a product if you are not able to read or understand its description? Probably not. The GTS team is ready to help you boost your international sales with understandable and readable content for your brochures, catalogues, and packaging in the native language of your global markets.

Financial Reports

Accurate translations of financial reports are of paramount importance for any business. It’s not just the figures that count the words do too. At GTS we have well-trained professional translators with in-depth experience in the field and make sure that the terminology, as well as the figures, are complete and correct.

Product Specification/User Manuals

Incomprehensible product specifications and user manuals could lead to improper use and may result in a source of danger to users. The GTS team guarantees that your customers are provided with clear and complete translations for the correct use of products and user manuals.

Legal Documents and Policies

Translation of legal documents is complex especially when legal terms are not shared by all countries. GTS will make sure the details and information contained in your legal documents are understandable in all languages.


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