Mobile & Video Games Translations

The mobile and video games market is enormous, a global industry worth billions of dollars. And it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Take advantage of incredible business opportunities by having your gaming content accurately translated into the native language of your target audiences.

With the global appeal, your next mobile or video game could go viral with people downloading it from anywhere in the world. Global Translation Solutions has a team of expert and knowledgeable translators who are able to create high-quality content for all aspects of your mobile or video games in most of the major languages and language combinations. Not only can we translate your gaming content, but we’ll also localize it for different cultures. This ensures that your game is perfect for each market.

What Mobile & Video Games documents can be translated?

Android XML/Apple iOS Strings

You can rely on our specialist translators for precise translations of data contained in Android XML and Apple iOS strings.

Website Localization

We’ll adapt the content of your website to the local languages and cultures of your target markets. This requires more than a translation of the text and makes users feel the site was created in their country.

User Interface

For your games to be user-friendly to an international audience, text strings such as log-in screens and menu options need to be in multiple languages.


Online and Print Marketing

With GTS you can powerfully connect with gamers, partners, journalists, and other stakeholders with marketing material that is in their languages. We’ll make sure your message is easily understood.

Manuals/User Help

Sometimes users will need to consult your manuals to learn how to play your games. Rest assured that through our translation services they’ll get all the information and assistance they need.

Social Network Games

When we think of social games, we want to give users the same experience regardless of their spoken language. Poor translations in this regard give the user a feeling of artificiality and generate an overall disconnection to the game. GTS can help you reach the broadest possible audience by ensuring your social network games can be understood in multiple languages.



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