Medical & Pharmaceutical Translations

Medical translations can be complex, requiring a much more in-depth approach than merely a word for word translation. Translators need to have first-hand experience of medical sectors so they can provide medical translations that are accurate, flawless and without any errors or mistakes.

That is why all our medical translators are not only native speakers of your target language, but they also have hands-on experience in your specific medical sector. In the same way that you would only see a cardiologist for a heart problem, you want to turn to a specialist medical translator for your important, sensitive, and confidential medical documents.

What Medical & Pharmaceutical documents can be translated?

Medical Trials Documentation

Ground-breaking trials and medical developments happen all the time across the globe. Translation services are essential for sharing details of your advances with international audiences.

Patient Reports/Files

Patient reports contain important information about the health and wellbeing of individual patients which must be conveyed with great accuracy.

Treatment Guidelines

We deliver 100% accurate translations of treatment guidelines to help the decision-making processes of doctors and other medical personnel.

Medical Records

You can trust our certified medical translators to handle all your confidential medical documentation. Our deep experience with medical translations will be invaluable to you during this process.

Clinical Protocols

We provide clinical protocols translation services to pharmaceutical, biotech companies and research organizations engaged in clinical trials for the approval of new therapeutics.

Hospital Discharge Papers

Discharge reports are often written by examining physicians using only short sentence fragments. They also include abbreviations and terminology that can be understood only by medical staff. Our specialist medical translators make sure these papers can be easily read and understood in whatever language you choose.

Medical Insurance Documents

Customers place their health and wellbeing in your hands when they require translations for medical insurance. Our experienced insurance translator can speed up the process and allow you to provide quick and accurate support to your customers when they are at their most vulnerable.


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