Manufacturing & Engineering Translations

As with many types of translations, industrial manufacturing and engineering documentation can be complicated and challenging. There’s often a lot of technical jargon and terminology that must be translated without ambiguity or misrepresentation.

With a network of highly qualified linguists who possess industry and sector-specific expertise, GTS can provide you with any kind of manufacturing and technical document translations. Whether you need translations of technical reports, patents, or training material all will be translated into the target languages by native speakers. You can be 100% confident of receiving accurate and error-free content.

What Manufacturing & Engineering documents can be translated?

Marketing Materials: Brochures, Catalogs and Packaging

With expert native language translations, your customers and potential customers around the world can understand the services or products you offer and the benefits they provide.

Training Materials

Effective training material is the cornerstone of a company’s success because they equip employees to do their jobs better. Our translations of training material such as courses, handbooks, leaflets, and instruction books ensure your employees always know what’s expected of them.

Websites and Apps

We can translate your website or apps in any language allowing you to improve your online presence and inform your current customers and clients while reaching out to new audiences.


Every high-quality patent translation undergoes a stringent process performed by experienced professionals who have the correct technical and legal expertise for each project. We provide accurate, reliable translations that are regularly submitted to patent offices and government agencies worldwide.

Technical Reports

Technical translations require a lot of research and expertise. Regardless of the genre or language, our specialists will ensure that the information contained in your reports is clear, precise, and understood.

Products Specifications/User Manuals

If your customers don’t understand what your products can do or how to use them, there could be serious safety implications. Eliminate this risk with expert translations by our language specialists.


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