IT & Technical Translations

Are you launching your software products into new markets? Do language barriers trouble you? If so, there’s no need to worry. With precise and error-free translations, you’ll be better placed to break into international software markets. From coding and apps to patents and user guidelines, we offer IT and software translations and localization in most of the major languages and language combinations. We have an expert team of translators and industry specialists so you can be confident that your IT and software documentation are internationalized in line with your requirements.

No matter how complex your software, GTS will make sure flawless multilingual versions are ready when you need them.

What IT & Technical documents can be translated?

Mobile Apps/Software Applications

Creating mobile apps and software applications for international audiences is easy with our translation services. We’ll translate the text into any language you like so users can enjoy a fantastic app experience wherever they’re located.

Web Content

We have knowledgeable and highly qualified language professionals who can translate any type of website content to keep your international audience engaged and informed.

XML, HTML, Database files

GTS can translate the important information contained within XML, HTML, and database files into any language. This way, your international clients & users will be able to understand them fully.


More than likely, your business generates a lot of documents. You may produce white papers, guides, legal documents and more. With our skills and experience, we can assure you that the vital information they contain will never be lost in translation.

User Guidelines and Instructions

If your customers don’t understand your products and how to use them, there could be severe consequences for your business, such as safety issues and reputational damage. We’ll provide you with flawless translations of your user guidelines and instructions in any language.

Technical Patent Documentation

Our global team of experienced translators and subject matter experts are well-versed in the terminology of innovation. They can perform accurate and error-free translations of highly technical patent documents.


Data Sheets

Words are just as important as the statistics for accurate interpretation. GTS has you covered with error-free translations that meet your formatting and regulatory requirements.

Installation Instructions

We provide high-quality translations of technical material that preserves the exact meaning and style of the original content.

Technical Brochures

There’s no place for ambiguity and misrepresentation. We have linguists with sector-specific experience to ensure technical terminology is correct. This helps to ensure that the brochure content balances technical terminology with readability.

System Requirement Docs

The language and technology specialists at GTS possess the technical skills and expert know-how to perform accurate translations of system requirement documents in a wealth of languages.


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