iGaming Translations

To maximize profits, leading gambling websites serve as many players as possible by operating in multiple countries. No player will participate in a game or app if they don’t know the odds or understand what’s going on. They will leave you for sites and apps with more user-friendly experiences.

Take advantage of the burgeoning international online gaming market by engaging with the expert translators at GTS. We can provide you with professional and accurate translations for your target customers in the native languages they speak. Our translators speak and write the source and target languages fluently so your content will be accurate and free of any linguistic errors.

What iGaming documents can be translated?

Gambling Websites and Apps

If you’re looking to persuade new players to use your apps and websites the content should be easy to understand for all users. Our language professionals can translate your platforms into any language.

Social Network Games

Reach the international audience through our experienced translators in multiple languages. We’ll help ensure your gambling game is enjoyable for an international audience of diverse players.

Terms and Conditions

Online terms and conditions are important legal documents that must be translated accurately and clearly spelled out as to convey a clear message to clients and targeted audiences. Poorly translated or untranslated T&Cs could have serious implications for your business.

Help Desk Knowledge Base

Occasionally users may reach out to you for help. Give them a wonderful user experience by ensuring they get the answers they need in their native language.

Gambling Regulation Materials

While gambling online can be a lot of fun and potentially profitable for players, regulations are a serious matter. They need to be straightforward and clearly understood by your target audience.

Online Ads

With online ads, you can reach customers where they are. Our language experts will not only translate the text they’ll also adapt it for local and regional audiences.


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