Translations for Governments and NGOs

The language of the public sector is a jumble of buzzwords, abbreviations, and acronyms. Defence, diplomacy, sustainability, commerce, and social services all rely on the accuracy and meticulousness of information. At GTS, we specialize in translating a wide array of documents for governments, local authorities, and NGOs.

We understand the importance of security and sensitivity when it comes to handling governmental information, so we adhere to the very highest standards of confidentiality. Our experienced native language professionals are available when required.

What Governments & NGO's documents can be translated?

Website Localization

With our website localization services, your website will be adapted to the local language and culture of your target countries. Our culturally sensitive translations will capture the right tone.


Events Branding and Documentation

Conferences and other special events are essential for government agencies and NGOs to launch initiatives and networks. Make sure your branding and other marketing material can be easily understood in the languages of participants.

Online and Print Communications

Online and offline communications are powerful ways to connect with and inform donors, partners, and other interested parties. If they don’t fully understand them, you will fail to get your message across.

Research and Reports

Research and reports provide a lot of relevant and important information about your organization. Confusing and inaccurate translations will put your business at risk.

Legal/Diplomatic Documents

At GTS, we strive to understand the legal, political, and cultural context of texts for translation in order to guarantee that the legal, political, or cultural impact is not lost in translation. Diplomatic texts, moreover, often attract considerable public and media attention. The tiniest translation error could have significant political consequences.

Bids, Tenders and Procurement

Our approach to the translation of bids, tenders, and procurement documents is grounded in accuracy and expertise. If your bids need to be translated into different languages, we can help with flawless and faithful translations that can help your business grow.


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