Corporate & Business Translations

We provide bespoke corporate and business translation services, tailored for each client and covering everything from document translation in multiple languages to business agreements and press releases. Our translators are highly qualified and possess specialized knowledge in an extensive range of industry sectors.

The benefits of engaging GTS for your corporate and business translations include better communication with your international partners and the elimination of ambiguity in any written material. We can offer you high-quality translations, expertise in technical fields and flexible translators who can adjust to your timeframes and workflows.

What Corporate & Business documents can be translated?

Business Agreements

This includes legal contracts, franchise agreements, general conditions of sale, company policies and company guidelines.


Press Releases

We’ll ensure your key messages resonate with your audience in any language. We guarantee accurate translations and fast turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

Business Brochures

The GTS language teams have substantial experience in the area and can ensure that along with the information, the tone and style of the brochure, content is translated into the language of your targeted customers.


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