Seeking industry-specific translations?
GTS covers a wide range of industries to satisfy your requirements.

Successful translation projects beyond just the grammatically correct language

GTS specialises in delivering fast and accurate language translation services to national and international clients across multiple industries. We create global relevance which is driven by humanity and amplified by our team of highly skilled translation experts. No matter which industry, accurate technical translation is a must-have in today’s global marketplace. Your demographic needs to understand high amounts of information quickly and efficiently, therefore our goal is to provide technical translation in support of documents, compliance, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance, and standards information in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Legal & Compliance

Legal document translation is a specialized skill and one which requires the utmost accuracy, that said  GTS is a specialist provider of legal translation services. We have a solid team of skilled legal translators who are up for a challenge. Whether a one-off project or a large-volume multilingual project, bank on us for our expertise.

Corporate & Business

GTS provides a wide range of professional translation services for companies that do business internationally. This includes professional document translation of any type of business document, translation of business plans, annual reports, translation of website content, localization of software products, voice-overs/subtitling of company videos, translation of corporate communications and other certified translation services.

Marketing & Advertising

We provide professional marketing and advertising translation services that covers a portfolio of brochures, flyers, marketing and advertising scripts, websites, slogans, logos, company presentations, new product announcements, press releases and more. Our marketing and advertising translators take into account that the purpose of these documents is to arouse interest and support the end goal, which is taken into account each step of the way.

Financial & Accounting

GTS offer financial translation services that are tailored in-line the individual requirements of the international language standards for finance and accounting. Our expert teams are professionally versed in financial translation for banking, insurance, accountancy & corporate finance including shareholder reports, insurance documents and more.

Tourism & Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality is a fast-paced and demanding market. Language translation has to reflect a quality brand image, whether in a brochure, holiday guide, hotel information or press releases. Our industry-focused team will ensure a culturally sound, quality translation.


iGaming is a global industry, which makes it important to ensure that our market-leading translation puts our clients a step ahead of their competition, whether local or afar. Our industry-specific team ensures your multilingual gaming content engages with your audience.

Retail & E-commerce

GTS offer word-class translators, experienced in retail and online markets. Our services are customized towards large and small online retail websites ensuring multilingual customer targeting.

Manufacturing & Engineering

We are here to help global companies with their translation needs, across a variety of manufacturing and engineering industries including automotive, chemical, machinery and construction.

IT & Technical

Our team of translators are well versed in technical fields such as IT, medical or engineering. Specializing in anything from instruction manuals, user guides and technical reports.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

GTS specialises in medical and pharmaceutical translations and offers qualified linguists and QA staff ensure accurate results. Our team includes several medical doctors, specialist physicians and pharmaceutical graduates who provide specific medical translations including clinical protocols, consent forms, user manuals for medical devices, patents and patient leaflets.

Government & NGOs

When addressing a global cause, we know that your message also needs to be strong, sensitive and dimensional to ensure your audience resonates with the content’s intention. With our Government & NGOs language services, we help you translate your message to audiences around the world and ensure we capture the heart of your organisations’ intention.

Life Sciences

We translate documents throughout the life cycle of your product, from research and development to regulatory submission, clinical trials and product labelling. In addition to accurate, quality translation, our expert linguists implement localization strategies to culturally adapt patient-related materials. We work with a variety of Life Sciences materials, including Investigator Brochures, Case Report Forms (CRFs) and Clinical trial protocols.

Transport & Yachting & Aviation

We offer quality guaranteed translations for Transport, Yachting and Aviation industries. GTS Provide technically accurate linguistic services offered by industry qualified translators which run parallel to your specific requirements whether land, sea or air.

Blockchain & Crypto

GTS’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency translators can help you broaden your exposure to key stakeholders while helping start-ups, brokers and related companies create appeal on a globalized scale. Our certified translators and reviewers will accurately translate blockchain and cryptocurrency documents into the desired language leaving you confident that the result will be accurate, error-free and easy to understand.

Software, Mobile & Video Games

Our specialised team of translators are qualified in all areas of Software, Mobile and Video Game translation, offering our clients a bespoke approach, specific to the relevant industry. GTS focuses on the needs of the end-user and has command of the terminology of many different platforms and genres, ensuring captivating content along the way.

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