Seeking industry-specific translations?
GTS covers a wide range of industries to satisfy your requirements.

Successful translation projects beyond just the grammatically correct language

GTS specializes in delivering fast and accurate language translation services to national and international clients across multiple industries. We create global relevance which is driven by humanity and amplified by our team of highly skilled translation experts. No matter the industry, accurate technical translation is a must-have in today’s global marketplace. Your target audience needs to understand high amounts of information quickly and efficiently, therefore our goal is to provide technical translation in support of documents, compliance, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance, and standards information in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Legal & Compliance

When you’re involved in complex legal work, high-quality legal documentation translation is essential. At GTS, our legal translators possess extensive knowledge of legal jargon and in-depth understanding of legal systems. Leading law firms and businesses trust us for our 100% accurate legal translation services. Whatever the size and nature of your multilingual legal project, we can help.

Corporate & Business

GTS provides accurate and timely professional translation services to a wide range of organizations, from small start-ups to large multinationals. The scope of our translation services includes business plans, annual reports, marketing material, emails, business correspondence, professional document translations, localization of software products, and many other certified translation services.

Marketing & Advertising

Is your message understood in the same way by your global audience? Effective marketing translations require not only sharp writing skills but also knowledge of local markets and customs. Our translators will ensure you pick the right words to help you make an impact. GTS professional marketing and advertising translation services cover brochures, websites, slogans, press releases, flyers and more.

Financial & Accounting

Covering investment procedures, balance sheets, reports, audits and much more, our financial translation services are available in multiple languages and tailored to each client. GTS translators have not only an excellent command of the source and target languages but also of the financial world’s unique terminology We guarantee accurate and error-free financial translations.

Tourism & Hospitality

We can help you attract tourists from all over the world with high-quality translations of your products and services. GTS translates a wide range of material for the travel and tourism industry, such as guidebooks, brochures, websites, and marketing material. Our translators provide expert language translations that account for the nuances and subtle meanings of source and target languages.


iGaming is a lucrative global industry. Stand out from the crowd and reach players wherever they are in the world with high-quality, localized content. Our specialists offer accurate and timely translations of multilingual gaming content that can help you reach new markets.

Retail & E-commerce

In today’s globally connected world, the business has no boundaries. Translation and localization of websites are vital for targeting worldwide markets. Our world-class translators have extensive experience in providing multilingual translation services for offline and online retail markets. We guarantee superior quality and flexible turnaround times to meet your deadlines.

Manufacturing & Engineering

By combining the real-world experience of manufacturing and engineering industries, along with linguistic expertise, GTS delivers precise translations across various sectors. No matter the size or scale of your business or the countries you operate in, we’ll ensure every detail of your documents is translated and localized perfectly.

IT & Technical

In IT and technical fields, precision is of utmost importance. Each of our technical translators has the industry knowledge and expertise to handle the most complex and industry-specific terminology. Our IT and Technical translation services cover everything from instruction manuals and user guides to technical reports and training programmes.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

The extensive use of medical terminology and concepts imply that you can’t just rely on regular translators for medical and pharmaceutical translations. Errors can result in misunderstandings and serious mistakes in medical instructions and dosages. Our team of qualified linguists encompasses medical doctors, specialist physicians and pharmaceutical graduates with hands-on experience who will accurately reflect the intended meaning of any medical translation.

Government & NGOs

Translations for NGOs and governments often have an important purpose and the clarity of the message is crucial. With our Government & NGOs language services, we help you communicate clearly with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We translate websites, welfare policies, information leaflets, procurement documents, legal documents and more.

Life Sciences

With years of experience partnering with reputable medical devices manufacturers, health institutions and pharmaceutical organizations, GTS has developed specialized medical translation processes that are driven by industry standards.  At GTS, we translate and carry out localization strategies for biotech companies, pharma companies, medical devices companies, clinical research organizations and more.

Transport & Yachting & Aviation

Messages must be clear and effective to reach the broadest possible audience. You can count on the industry qualified translators at GTS to provide you with accurate linguistic services and a high level of responsiveness. We are a one-stop-shop for the translation of any type of document for Transport, Yachting and Aviation industries.

Blockchain & Crypto

Are you looking to build distributed, token-based business solutions and need fast, accurate language translations to support your international expansion? You can rely on our blockchain and cryptocurrency translators to accurately translate content to your targeted language, ensuring they are error-free and understandable.

Software, Mobile & Video Games

End users are more likely to feel comfortable using software products, apps and video games if conveyed in their native language. GTS has a specialized team of translators qualified in all aspects of Software, Mobile and Video Game translation. We offer our clients a bespoke approach, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements.


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