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A professional translation agency with a difference

Translation isn’t simply about converting text from one language to another. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs to reflect faithfully and correctly the content and provide a holistic service that goes beyond the mere reproduction of texts into the target language. We pride ourselves in being very sensitive to our clients’ requirements and time constraints.

Website Translations

Reach your customers wherever they are in the world with accurate and cost-effective translations. Our comprehensive service will support your online presence with the translation of webpages, multilingual WordPress sites, documents and files that appear on your website, localized content creation and multilingual SEO.

Annual Reports & Audits

Where international stakeholders or investors are concerned, communication must be clear and systematic. We can provide you with an accurate and secure Report and Audit translation service for annual, half-yearly, quarterly reports and more. Our selected group of specialists will cater for all your translation and localization needs.

Personal Documents

We provide certified legal and apostilled translations of all kinds of personal documents from passports and visas to loan applications and medical documents. All the information is 100% human translated and is kept secure and confidential.

Financial Statements

Financial statements are important documents which provide an insight into the financial situation of the business. If key financial information is lost in translation, it can cause many problems for the company. At GTS, we make sure that translators have adequate experience and knowledge to understand the financial and business terminology background of such documents.

Video & Multimedia

With the entertainment and media industries increasingly looking to attract customers in overseas markets. And with the huge increase in the use of video for attracting and engaging with customers online, there’s been an increase in the demand for subtitling, voice-over, dubbing and lip sync services. Speak to us and we will guide you through the different services.

SEO, PPC, Keywords

In order to effectively compete on the internet and to be truly international, you must be certain that your multilingual SEO (search engine optimization) and multilingual PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns are optimized to appear favourable in search results within every market and language you are targeting.

Product Translations

With brand sentiment in mind, our professional language translators ensure that the translated product descriptions and catalogues convey the original impression and meaning planned for them. Speak to your audience in their language.

Blogs & Articles

GTS has a team of translators who are subject matter experts in a broad range of disciplines, including science, legal, medical, and marketing. No matter the field or genre, we can provide you with expert and high-quality translations for your blogs and articles and help you reach multilingual audiences.

Translation Review Solutions

In addition to our portfolio of services for translation and language solutions, we recommend an additional layer of quality assurance on top of the checks that are included with our services.


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