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A professional translation agency with a difference

Translation isn’t simply about converting text from one language to another. We work hard to understand our clients’ needs, reflecting faithfully and correctly texts given to us and providing a holistic service which goes beyond the mere reproduction of texts into another language. We pride ourselves on being very sensitive to our client’s time constraints, budget constraints and proposed document use.

Website Translations

We ensure that when merging your website with another country, or culture every avenue is explored to ensure accurate and optimum translation is achieved, from multilingual wordpress sites, to more complicated architectures.

Annual Reports & Audits

Where international stakeholders or investors are concerned, we can ensure an accurate Report & Audit translation service that suffice your business’ financial reporting localization requirements.

Personal Documents

We specialise in providing certified, legal and apostilled translations of a variety of official documents with confidence and accuracy.

Financial Statements

GTS offer qualified translators who have completed financial translation training or have an educational background in the industry. You can rely on proprietary dictionaries and terminology, to ensure that every translation is both accurate and consistent within your financial statement.

Video & Multimedia

We can provide expert translation of all kinds of content across multiple media channels–web, video, audio, print, even social media.

SEO, PPC, Keywords

GTS’ offer multilingual SEM and Paid Media translation services as well as the ability to optimize your website your ad campaigns with native keywords, maximizing your search visibility.

Product Translations

With brand sentiment in mind, our professional language translators ensure that the translated product catalogs and descriptions convey the impression and meaning that had been originally planned for them.

Blogs & Articles

Our network of industry experts ensures that we pin-point your exact subject requirements. Whether scientific, legal or medical articles GTS offers professional, industry qualified at your disposal to ensure subject relevance.

Translation Review Solutions

Alongside all of our translation solutions, we recommend this as an additional layer of quality assurance on top of the checks that are included with our services.

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