Language Consulting

Doing business in foreign markets can be challenging. Such foreign markets require several adaptations to different languages, customs and cultures. Therefore, communicating the right tone, style and language is essential for a successful business. Whether addressing customers or suppliers in foreign countries, attending an international business meeting or writing business letters in another language, GTS will find the right words for you.

We have created our language consulting service to help organisations succeed in their international endeavours. When engaging us, we will try and identify your language needs and pinpoint those specific areas which need improvement. Our service also includes developing and implementing multilingual communication strategies and providing your personnel with customised training courses.

Our native language experts have years of experience in industries which could not do without language services such as financial, marketing, legal, manufacturing, government and pharmaceuticals. We are fluent in over X languages and are passionate about languages, culture and training. We would be delighted to help you achieve your goals by mastering the language of your target customers or business partners and suppliers.

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