Plagiarism is a serious offence that can damage your academic credibility. If you’re researching widely for your essay or report, you will encounter different arguments, studies and points of view and may inadvertently copy phrases or sections. Paraphrasing/rewriting is the process of taking the message and ideas from source material and reordering and rearranging the text, so it is an original piece of work that communicates the same meaning.


With our rewriting/paraphrasing service, your essay, report, research proposal or any other type of academic content will be rewritten and reworded professionally to the highest standards. Our expert paraphrasers and writers possess expertise in various academic fields and hold MA and PhD degrees in their disciplines. They will carefully read through your text, understand it, and then rewrite it using a different style and terminology while maintaining the original intention and meaning. 


No matter your requirements, we will help ensure you complete your task on time with work that has no hint of plagiarism.

Copywriting Services

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