Content is king on the internet. Professionally written, informative and original content is what sets popular websites apart from the rest of the pack. Audiences are hungry for high-quality and engaging material that will keep them hooked. It attracts them to sites where they can be converted into loyal customers. Unfortunately, creating compelling SEO optimised content that is also grammatically flawless is not everyone’s forte. But don’t worry because GTS has got you covered.

With a long track record of delivering results, we offer high impact content writing/copywriting that will enable you to powerfully connect with your target audience. We can help you with unique SEO copywriting, video scripts, newsletters, product descriptions, eBooks, press releases, website copy and much more.

Our 100% human copywriters strive for excellence in every sort of content they create: meaning you will receive original, researched, professional writing that is a cut above the rest. For killer content that really works, engage the services of Global Translation Solutions.

Copywriting Services

Product Description

Descriptions of your products can make or break a sale. When someone reads about your products for the first time, it is the words that attract them. You’ve put a lot of energy and effort into creating or acquiring products, so make sure that does not go to waste with poorly written texts. No matter what you sell, you need to make sure the descriptions are compelling, enticing and SEO optimized. They enhance the customer experience, make your site look great, draw in new customers and increase conversions.

The professional writers at GTS have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to write sales-boosting product descriptions. We understand what is needed to create descriptions that will perfectly highlight the features and benefits of the products you are selling. We offer polished, unique, informative, and SEO-friendly content to persuade customers to click the ‘add to cart’ button. Every attention-grabbing description goes through a rigorous proofreading and editing stage so you can be sure of receiving an error-free grammatically correct copy.

Conference Transcription & Interpretation Services by GTS - Global Translation Solutions


As hinted above, internet users love great content but what’s revolving around the indispensable use of search engines? One of the most effective ways of attracting more traffic to your website and moving higher up in search engine rankings is by continually updating your website with informative and engaging blogs or articles. It is an affordable and efficient way to raise your profile and extend your reach. Allow our team of carefully selected professional writers to create relevant, well researched and high-impact blog posts or articles for you. Not only will they write engaging pieces that will appeal to your target audience, but they can suggest topic ideas for you as well. Our writers come from diverse backgrounds covering a wealth of disciplines and genres.

Among the niches we cover are arts and entertainment, clothing and fashion, e-commerce, finance, healthcare, legal, linguistics, lifestyle, marketing, sports, technology, and travel. Whether you want daily, weekly, or monthly content, let our words help you connect with your target markets and also reach new markets.

Website Content

Unless you’ve well-written content, you cannot expect to gain the exposure you want with your target audience. With so many competing companies offering similar services to your business, you only have a few seconds to make a great impression when prospects land on your website. This is where outstanding written content comes in. Get the high-quality and engaging writing you need from the subject-matter expert writers at GTS. Our exceptional teams cover a wide range of industry disciplines and are ready to create the perfect content for your niches.

We will help you tell the story of your business and brand, so customers get to know you more and feel comfortable about hiring or purchasing from you. Our exceptional website content writing services include services for landing pages, local landing pages and copyediting. Each page will be grammatically flawless, 100% original and will act as your unrivalled window to the world.

Website Translations

Marketing Material

Discover how Global Translation Solutions can make a big difference to your company with our comprehensive offline and online marketing material services. From leaflets, brochures, and posters to branding, website conversions and social media marketing, we can help you find new customers, increase awareness about what you do and grow as a brand. Our multilingual team of writers with diverse backgrounds, skills and experiences will ensure your marketing material grabs interest and attention. This will help you develop a strong presence outside of your own country with creative and powerful messages that speak your target audiences’ languages. At GTS, you will find a team of knowledgeable marketing experts ready to provide you with valuable advice and solutions that make an impact. Everything we do is grounded in strategic thinking and years of experience. Let us work together to achieve the results you want.


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