Content is king, but context is god.
Trust our linguists and take your content further across markets and cultures.

Copywriting. It’s what we do.

At GTS we know that content can become a powerful and strategic marketing approach that can produce and amplify valuable, timely and purposeful information. When used correctly, content can attract and retain a clearly defined audience, ultimately leading to profitable customer action. That said, our industry qualified team provides engaging, professional, and unique content. Whether you want to improve your search engine visibility or wish to connect with your social media users in a more interactive way, the right words within the right platform will definitely benefit your business.


Our experienced copywriters and translators have a strong understanding of writing and translating copy material. To ensure optimum quality GTS researches plans and designs your content to attract, convert and delight your readers across any desired platforms, formats, and mediums.


GTS provides professional paraphrasing services that ensure maintenance and consistency of your document, without losing touch with the original content. Whether it related to typographical errors, stylistic changes or structural cohesion, our team ensures accuracy, correct grammar, and logical text flow.


When it comes to proofreading, our focus lies in improving the accuracy, style, and effective communication of our clients’ written material. Our quality assured team will proofread your content from the end user’s point of view to ensure that it reads accurately and logically, ensuring your content avoids losing credibility due to less than perfect linguistics.


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