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GTS can help your business overcome language barriers.

Linguistic Barriers

Linguistic Requirements

Fast Turnaround

The World is Everyone’s Market

Living in an age where everything can be done remotely

Whether you are the CEO of a multinational company, whether you work online, in a professional services firm or whether you run your own small business, it has never been easier to provide your services across the world and to service an increasingly global market.

Businesses today still face difficulties in getting their message across in an effective way to ‘foreign’ audiences. They are still facing linguistic barriers in penetrating foreign markets and are still finding obstacles in developing a truly global or regional service base. Very often such barriers are underestimated and poorly managed, resulting in a waste of energy, resources, and opportunities.

The GTS Service

Proper Planning & Outsourcing

We will ensure that you have the time and resources to focus on what really matters to you and your company whilst having the peace of mind of a professional, certified, human translation and a host of outstanding linguistic services provided by high-level industry professionals.

Service Centered Around You

We promise a reliable, fast, and ISO Certified services provided by our team of 600+ qualified mother-tongue language professionals, a dedicated project manager for every project with whom you can interact in real time and 500+ different language combinations.


Our Proofreading Service

We also offer FREE PROOFREADING SERVICES on most translation jobs entrusted to us. Overcome linguistic and localization barriers with GTS. Contact us now for a free quote. No hidden charges, no obligations, no call-centres.


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